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  Below you'll find the interest rates of car and/or motor cycle loans of different banks in Nepal

Educational loans
Name of bank   Lowest rate Highest rate checked
Nepal Bank   11,0% 13,0% 11-09-13
Rastriya Banijya Bank   12,0% 12,0% 13-09-13
Kumari Bank   14,0% 15,0% 04-08-12
Bank of Kathmandu   13,0% 14,0% 23-04-13
Citizensí International Bank   15,0% 16,0% 10-05-11
Machhapuchchhre Bank Limited   14,0% 16,0% 13-09-13
Nepal Bangladesh Bank   15,0% 16,0% 03-08-12
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Educational loans, continued
Name of bank   Lowest rate Highest rate checked
Lumbini bank   12,0% 14,0% 09-02-10
Nepal Investment Bank Ltd   12,5% 12,5% 28-10-11
Nepal SBI Bank Ltd   12,5% 12,5% 20-02-10
Himalayan Bank Ltd   12,0% 16,5% 08-02-12
Siddhartha bank limited   11,0% 11,5% 09-03-10
Nabil bank   15,0% 16,0% 08-02-12
Prime Commercial Bank   11,0% 11,0% 27-02-10
Sanima   12,0% 15,0% 03-02-10
Sunrise Bank   11,0% 13,0% 20-02-10
Nic bank   13,5% 14,5% 08-02-12
Global IME Bank   14,0% 17,0% 11-11-10
Laxmi Bank   15,0% 18,0% 20-02-10
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Central bank
Nepal Rastra bank
Central bank of Nepal
Latest bank news
Nepal Investment Bank Ltd (NIBL) has started the MoneyGram International Money Transfer Services in Nepal. Under the arrangement, transactions coming from around more than 190 countries all over the world can now be paid from all the 41 branches of NIBL.

The Gairidhara branch office building of Sunrise Bank Limited (SrBL) caught fire on Wednesday morning. The blaze occurred due to a suspected short-circuit in the diesel plant that was being operated in the hours of load shedding.

Bank of Kathmandu (BoK) has been awarded Bank of the Year 2011-Nepal and Kumari Bank has received The Manthan Award South Asia 2011. The Banker Magazine, a publication of the Financial Times Group awards the banks around the globe with its prestigious The Banker Award.

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